Mostly Ice Cream 🍦

Whenever Mostly metrics reaches another milestone, editor-in-chief Walter gets to enjoy a full-blown ice cream sundae.

Walter shows everyone how it's done – 30k subs

Walter brings his friends to the 30k subscribers party

Walter proves nothing is "im-paws-ible" (27k subs)

Dog Walter pushes Mostly metrics beyond the 27k subscribers milestone

Walter hires the first intern at 25k subs

Editor in chief Walter hires the first Mostly metrics intern after reaching 25k subscribers

Walter celebrates 20k subscribers

Mostly metrics editor in chief gets to enjoy ice cream after reaching 20k subscribers reading the finance newsletter

Walter triples the high-score for most views on a post

Walter gets his well-deserved ice-cream after tripling the high-score for most views on a post

Walter pushes Mostly metrics to 15k

Walter managed to push the Mostly metrics finance newsletter to 15k subscribers

Walter hits 12k – haters hate, winners eat ice cream

Walter celebrates the huge win of getting Mostly metrics to 12k subscribers

Walter convinces everyone that 10k is not enough

Walter in a car arguing that Mostly metrics needs more than 10k finance nerds subscribed

Walter secures a feature on the Substack homepage

Walter sees Mostly metrics featured by the Substack team

Walter grinds hard and reaches 5k subs

Walter is the first dog in history to get 5k newsletter subscribers

Walter sees a bright future at 1k subscribers

Walter with a confused look after Mostly metrics reached 1k subscribers

Walter is confused why 500 finance nerds subscribed

Walter wants more than 500 subscribers for Mostly metrics

Walter acquires the 1st sub that is not CJ's mom

He's so cute. How could he not get the first sub?

What smart people say

Mostly metrics friend Jasper Polak has something important to say